Sew Your Own Clothes


Yes you can!

What if you didn’t have to shop at The Gap or Banana Republic or Sezane or… just to wear something that you look amazing in and feel great in? What if you could actually do better? Better for your body and better for the the world?



Did you know…

Every single garment that you wear has been handmade by someone making less than minimum wage working long hours for a company that makes millions?






Did you know…

that most fabrics that are used by most large commercial clothing companies are manufactured using chemicals that are bad for the environment and for the workers?


Start Sewing Your Own Clothes Today

1. Start with a Pattern

Start by choosing a pattern that matches your style. We have many options to choose from ranging from classic dresses to tees, shorts and coats. (We even have some mens patterns.)

2. Then choose some Fabric

Once you have a pattern picked out, choose some fabric. We carry a wide variety of fabrics — all hand picked with care by our own Natasha Hall.

HEADS UP! — If you start today by pairing a pattern with some fabric, we’ll give you a 5% discount on your first order — Use code “startingtosew”.