Sewing Lessons with Natasha

Learn to sew your own clothing!  Sewing lessons are set up as five week sessions, 1.5 hours long each.  Your lessons will include the following:

  • Full use of studio and studio tools (machines, cutting matts, scissors, etc.) during your lesson times
  • Undivided attention from your instructor, Natasha — shop will not be open during lesson times.
  • 10% discount on all products in the shop while you’re a student!

How it works: the idea of a five week session is to help you — or you and a friend or two — get through a whole pattern from start to finish, learning everything you need to know to complete your garment and apply this knowledge to subsequent garment makes, including things like grading between sizes, making small adjustments to fit your body, and knowledge of finer details that make a garment look polished.  

Private lessons: 1.5hr weekly lessons for five weeks, $180 total

Lessons for you and a friend: 1.5hr weekly lessons for five weeks, $220 total

Lessons for three friends: 1.5hr weekly lessons for five weeks, $255 total

Private lessons a-la-carte: $25/hr

Please note!  Due to covid restrictions, “friends” need to come from the same bubble.  Patterns, fabrics, and notions for your project are not included in price.

Please contact Natasha at to inquire about lesson times and availability.



About Natasha!

Natasha has been sewing clothing for about 30 years.  It all started with wanting to adjust her wardrobe to have something that, at the time, felt more interesting than what she could find in stores, like colourful triangles added to the sides of jeans to make them wider (and louder!), a skirt made out of ties — honestly, this one was a bit of a disaster — and cute babydoll dresses made out of unexpected fabrics.

Since those days of trial and error, Natasha has had opportunity to take semi-private sewing lessons, class lessons, and go on sewing retreats, which have all proven to be invaluable.  Besides that, Natasha has read many blogs and watched countless videos and tutorials to learn specific techniques in sewing.  There are still days of trial and error and lots and lots of hours of cutting, measuring, adjusting, and sewing!

Natasha has 25 years of private and classroom teaching experience of various subjects.  Sewing is the most recent teaching venture for her and she has been helping people with their garment projects for the past few years.  To see a sample of some of her makes, check out her personal Instagram page @hallstar